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I’ll keep this short.

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Whenever you’re stuck in life, just set your foot on fire.


Yesterday I watched the horror comedy Chillerama (2011) and I completely fell in love with it. It is one of the most amazingly hilarious horror comedies I’ve ever watched.

The movie consisted of several short films, each with its own spin on the cheesy horror genre. These short films, along with the movie connecting them all together, were completely amazing. I’d like to highlight the short film The Diary Of Anne Frankenstein, which clearly was the most hilarious part of Chillerama, and perfect for screencaps with subtitles (30 screencaps can be found through my Google+ post).

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This film will rape you with your own feces.


The word to best describe my feelings about the horror flick The Thing (2011) is probably meh. The movie did nothing for me at all. I wasn’t scared, I wasn’t interested, I wasn’t intrigued, I wasn’t moved, I wasn’t impressed; I just didn’t care at all.

Back when I more than a year ago watched the original The Thing from 1982, I called it “pure crap”. I felt it was a stupid and uninteresting movie. Despite this I still gave the 2011 prequel a chance, but having a few more international actors and some more (but still ugly) CGI didn’t save the movie at all. I really have nothing more to say; I felt nothing for the movie.

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Cue dramatic music please! I am ready to do one of those internal monologues.


I’ve previously written about double tap and the great frustration the lack thereof has caused me. Now yet another movie has shown that the days where the “good guys” don’t take advantage of the situation when the “bad guys” are down, are far from over.

The movie I’m talking about is Fright Night (2011). While it is a mildly entertaining movie, it had me trying to resist yelling “DOUBLE TAP!” at the screen far too many times. The main characters over and over again got control of the situation/bad guy, and every single time either assumed that the war was over, or ran frightened away. Without exception, this resulted in the bad guy getting on his feet, and getting the time to recover, for then later to again be an imminent threat to the lives of the so-called “good guys”.

Fright Night wasn’t terrible, but when I in no way am rooting for the main characters, but rather hoping that they would just die, there is something wrong. Watch it so you can yell at the stupid “good guys”, while being somewhat entertained.

On a final note, and probably the aspect I enjoyed most of the movie: The name Charlie was spoken quite a few times during the movie, and every time all I could think about was: Charlie the Unicorn

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I’m on your side, you fucking idiots! How many of you do I have to kill for you to understand that? God damn, you’re stupid!


Earlier this week I randomly came across a series I hadn’t heard about before. It was the US series Shameless based upon the UK series of the same name, and a promo for it caught my interest.

I gave the first episode a shot, then the second, and then I was completely caught by it. I ended up watching the whole first season within a few days.

The series is very much carried by its many interesting characters, and while it is classified as comedy, I felt it was more of a drama series with smaller funny and peculiar parts. The season started out very light and funny, making it easy to get into, but when getting further into the season, the stories began to turn significantly more serious. The depth of the characters began to shine through, and the whole season left me wanting more; luckily for me, season two premieres in January.

Shameless is definitively one of the better series I’ve watched, and I’ve watched quite a few. It is funny without being silly; it is serious without being depressing; it is detailed without being confusing; it is emotional without being nauseating; and it is overall a great series.

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Your mother was a hamster and your father smelt of elderberries.


It is no surprise that many series on TV have quite a few elements which aren’t realistic or plausible. Sometimes this is done to make them interesting, and for the most the part I accept it by calling it artistic freedom.

Too many crime shows have however crossed the line in their blatant disregard for reality. I used to watch several crime shows, because I found the techniques they used to find the perpetrators interesting. But when these techniques completely leave reality (like in this video), the whole series lose all credibility. For me this has been the case for series like CSI and Numb3rs, which I can’t stand watching at all, anymore.

If a series has no intention of being scientific correct or even resemble something which can be passed off as realistic, then why bother making it at all? Do it right, or don’t do it at all. I feel this especially should be the case for crime shows and other series which try to look scientific.

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Nobody thinks it can happen to them, but anyone can get a PhD. Make sure you get tested. Thank you.


Despite that I’ve watched quite a few movies, and consider myself a film nerd, I’ve actually never gotten around to watching Ghost Busters (1984). This was until tonight where I watched Ghost Busters (1984) and Ghostbusters II (1989) back-to-back. I have to say that I’m disappointed; neither of them were very good.

I found Ghost Busters to have a pointless plot line driven by too many erratic coincidences, and not a single likable character. So there were really nothing there for me, except for a few cheap laughs.

Ghostbusters II was slightly better. It had gotten rid of several of the character aspects I didn’t like from the first movie, but still was nothing more than a silly comedy to laugh more at than with.

I see the appeal of both movies, but they are unfortunately just not for me. The best thing about them was that they made me want to watch Alien (1979) again. Now that’s a great movie.

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The truth is so horrible that it will haunt your dreams for all time.


Back when I first heard about The Help (2011), I felt it would one of those typical inspiring stories which, while worth watching, wouldn’t be anywhere near amazing. I was somewhat wrong.

While The Help isn’t an amazing movie, it is still not far from it. It tells its inspiring story in a very good way, which makes for a great movie. It is not difficult to see that it is the story, and not the other aspects of the movie, which makes the movie great. The acting and atmosphere of the movie are however in no way bad, but at the same time not amazing either. There are created a good solid framework for telling the story, and this is really everything you can hope for with this type of movie.

In addition to the inspiring story, The Help actually has more to offer. During the movie there is also being told a small side story revolving around the character Celia Foote (played by Jessica Chastain). To my surprise I was completely caught by this side story, and found it amazing in an otherwise not-quite-amazing movie. The side story moved me a lot, and it made sure that the movie wasn’t just the inspiring story I had expected, but also contained a more personal emotional tale.

Overall The Help is not an amazing movie. It tells an amazing story, and is great in doing so. The racism aspects of it, are very likely still relevant today, even though they aren’t as prominent in our society today.

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All you need is 20 seconds of insane courage, and I promise you something great will come of it.


In the last couple of years I’ve several times stumbles across mentionings of a series named Pushing Daisies. The series was always spoken about with kind words, but somehow I never got around to give it a chance. Until now.

The plot of Pushing Daisies is deliciously silly. It’s about a pie-maker with the power to bring dead people back to life with a single touch, and then with another, put them back to death permanently.

The kind words I had heard about the series were true. It is very colorful, quirky, and entertaining. Not the best comedy around, but still worth watching, and sure to put a smile on one’s face.

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You have restored our faith in cooking as an expression of anarchy.


The TV Fall season has continued and more new series have aired. Last time I reviewed 13 new series, each in one word. This time around I’ve watched another 14 first episodes of new series, and here’s my reviews of each in one word.

British bonus series:

I’m planning on following a few of these, with my clear favorites being Homeland and Once Upon a Time.

What’s your feelings about the new series of this Fall season?
Which ones are you following?

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Fool me once, shame on you. Fool me twice, everyone dies.